Replace Electronic Component/Troubleshooting - There are many components in the electrical circuit of a guitar or bass and it only takes one fault to cause cause an annoying hum, crackle, loss of signal or complete failure. We can identify which part needs replacing and replace it with an equivalent or better component to bring the sound back to normal.

Guitar electrical components such as potentiometers, switches and jacks can corrode with age and wear out with use. The signs of a component that needs replacing are loss of sound, crackling sound, uneven volume or tone change.

There are some nice guitars being produced now at affordable prices, but these instruments tend to have low-quality electronic components. One of the most effective ways to improve the reliability of these guitars is to replace the electronics with better quality parts.  

Replace Pickups - For decades the world’s greatest guitarists have appreciated the massive improvements in tone that can be achieved by replacing the pickups in their guitars.

There are more brands and styles of pickups available than ever before. Seymour Duncan is a world leader and we keep a large range of their Humbuckers, Single Coils, Rails and PAFs in stock. We also stock several other brands and can make a recommendation based on your instrument and tonal preferences.

Electronics Modification - Coil tapping, series/parallel, low friction pots, active preamps – There are many ways that the electronics on a guitar or bass can be modified to improve the range of tones and versatility of the instrument.

Shielding the control cavities is another great modification and will reduce annoying hum and electronic noise dramatically.

Fit Acoustic Pickup - The easiest and most effective way to amplify the sound of an acoustic guitar is to fit an undersaddle pickup.

There are great sounding pickups available now but we recommend the Fishman Matrix Infinity system which offers onboard volume and tone controls discreetly placed inside the soundhole, eliminating the need to cut any extra holes in the instrument.   

Our installation service includes machine levelling of the saddle slot to ensure a balanced volume across all strings.


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