Fret Dress - As a guitar or bass is played the strings gradually wear away at the frets leading to shallow grooves in the top of the frets.

Apart from visible wear the signs that a guitar needs a fret dress are that it plays out of tune or there is abnormal amount of fret buzz. A fret dress may also be required when the fretboard is not straight or when the frets were not level when the guitar was made.

During a fret dress the frets are levelled, removing the grooves made by string wear. The frets are then recrowned back into profile and polished. A setup is also performed.

Refret - When the frets on an instrument have been worn so much that they cannot be properly dressed a refret is in order. During the refret the original frets are removed and replaced with new frets.

Other reasons for a refret to be performed are to straighten a wonky fingerboard or to change the fretwire to a different size. Large frets allow for easier string bending and improve sustain. All refrets also include a setup

Evo Fretwire - As an option to the traditional nickel alloy fretwire we can install Evo gold fretwire. This wire is harder than standard nickel silver and has a pleasant gold colour which looks striking, especially on guitars with gold hardware.


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