We offer a full range of servicing and repairs of tube amplifiers (valve amplifiers) from our workshop on the Gold Coast. We can also repair other amplifiers and guitar pedals.

Whatever the problem with your amp we will be able to diagnose the likely cause and the cost to repair it. Most of the problems with tube amplifiers can be solved with the replacement of a few components that are worn out or damaged.

The tubes (sometimes called valves) in a guitar amp have a limited lifespan and they need to be replaced after a certain time and/or use. Tube replacement is part of the maintenance of any tube amplifier and it is recommended the tubes be replaced with approximately every 100 hours of use to keep the amp healthy and avoid potential damage to other components.

If the sound of your amp has changed, chances are the tubes need replacing. Some symptoms of worn out tubes are a loss of volume, uneven volume, muddy or unpleasant tone and excessive feedback or distortion.

Aside from the tubes there are other parts that can fail inside a guitar amplifier such as the transformer, capacitors, speakers and jacks. We can also replace these components if needed.


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