Replace Bolt-on Neck - Almost all electric guitars and basses built by Fender can be fitted with quality aftermarket necks. Many players prefer the sound of a maple fingerboard over rosewood or vice versa or want to change the fret profile

A replacement is also necessary when the original neck is bowed or has a broken truss rod or simply to avoid having to refret the original neck and compromise the originality of the guitar

Replace Pickups - For decades the world’s greatest guitarists have appreciated the massive improvements in tone and balance that can be achieved by replacing the pickups in their guitars.

There are more brands and styles of pickups available than ever before. Seymour Duncan is a world leader and we keep a large range of their Humbuckers, Single Coils, Rails and PAFs in stock. We also stock several other brands and can make a recommendation based on your instrument and tonal preferences.


Replace Electric Bridge or Saddles - Upgrading the bridge or saddles on a guitar or bass can significantly improve its tone and sustain. Metals such as steel and brass are denser and have superior resonant properties. When used as a saddle or bridge these properties increase the sustain of a string when it is plucked and also give the note a clearer tone.

The saddles should also be replaced when the adjustment screws become rusted or seized. Fulcrum tremolo bridges should be replaced when the guitar loses its tuning after the tremolo is used.  

Replace Tuners - Tuning problems can be very frustrating and faulty tuners or machine heads are a common cause.

The tuners can also be replaced with modern 'locking' tuners which make restringing much quicker and easier. We carry a wide range of replacement tuners to suit most popular models


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