Truss Rod Adjustment - A truss rod adjustment is a routine part of guitar maintenance. Improper adjustment of the truss rod can lead to very serious damage of the guitar so it is important that this is only performed by a technician.

We adjust the truss rod as part of our Essential Setup and Full Service and Setup. The truss rod needs to be adjusted every couple of years as part of a setup and when the gauge of strings is changed.   

Replace Bolt-on Neck - Almost all electric guitars and basses built by Fender can be fitted with quality aftermarket necks. Many players prefer the sound of a maple fingerboard over rosewood or vice versa or want to change the fret profile

A replacement is also necessary when the original neck is bowed or has a broken truss rod or simply to avoid having to refret the original neck and compromise the originality of the guitar

Repair Broken Headstock - Headstock breakage is a common problem with certain models of guitar. If fixed soon after the breakage we can generally glue the headstock back in place leaving only a line in the finish where the break occurred.

If the damage is more extensive or if a more invisible repair is desired the neck needs to be refinished, in this case the whole neck is stripped back, grain filled and refinished to original specs.


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