Essential Setup - The most common problem with guitars and basses is the strings are set too high, making them hard to play. The essential guitar setup will make any guitar or bass easier to play and play in tune. It is necessary to setup any new instrument to get the best possible performance and then at regular intervals of 1-2 years.

Includes truss rod adjustment, nut height adjustment, saddle height adjustment and intonation adjustment.

Complete Service & Setup - The Complete Service & Setup will get any guitar or bass playing at its optimum level of performance. It is an ideal guitar setup if you would like to get the maximum performance from their instrument. This setup is also a better choice for high end electric guitars and Superstrats which need a greater level of attention to detail in their setup as well as guitars that have not been set up for a long time.

Includes restringing, truss rod adjustment, nut height adjustment, saddle height adjustment, intonation adjustment, balancing of pickups, fret polishing, fingerboard conditioning, inspection & lubrication of moving parts and tightening of all screws.


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